Holiday Buying Guide From Miles "Sonar" Burghoff


AFTCO Hydronaut Suit: If you’re thinking that I’m only including products my sponsors offer,
let’s put the AFTCO Hydronaut first on this list to squash that! I’m not sponsored by AFTCO,
and I bought this suit with my own money earlier this year- and I don’t regret it!
The Hydronaut as a whole is an incredibly comfortable and well constructed rainsuit that can
handle most anything you throw at it. The one thing that really attracted me to this suit was the
unique bib design. I’ve always struggled with traditional bib straps that tend to pull on your
shoulders and create a lot of back pain by the end of the day. The Hydronaut offers a shoulder
design that offers WAY more contact with your shoulders, which will create less localized
pressure on your shoulders. With 30k waterproof material, it also is very capable in a
Overall, the Hydronaut suit is as good as I’ve seen in rough weather.

Fitzgerald FX8 Combo: Usually when a rod and reel are sold in a combo, it generally means that they are
of a lower quality to attain a lower price point. Fitzgerald Fishing went against the grain by
introducing the FX8 Combo, which delivers high performance and overall quality, at an
affordable package price.
The FX8 reel is a reel that I’ve been using for several seasons. It offers an 8-ball bearing,
graphite framed platform, with an advanced magnetic breaking system, a deep aluminum spool,
and 16-pounds of drag. It is offered in both left and right handed models with a gear ratio of
The new FX8 rod is comprised of IM8 graphite, and has a high-quality, durable, insert less guide
train. The 7’3” length, MH power, and fast action combine to give you as versatile of a rod as
you can find for bass fishing applications.

Seaguar BasiX: Sometimes cheap is bad….sometimes it’s good. In the case of Seaguar’s
new BasiX line, it is OOOOOHHHH, SOOOOO GOOOOOD!!
At $9.99 for a 200-yd spool, this is by far one of the best stocking stuffer options on this list
without breaking the bank. BasiX may be a low cost line, but it certainly isnt low quality!
If you’re looking for a little more bulk to that loved one’s stocking, or you just want to try it out for
yourself, BasiX is a great way to get the benefits of fishing with 100% Fluorocarbon.

Z-Man Hellraizer: Is it a buzzbait? Is it a Chatterbait? Is it a pencil popper?

The Hellraizer is a whole new kind of topwater bait that has a modified pencil-popper like body,
two treble hooks and a weighted Chatterbait blade on the back. This combination creates not
only a hyper erratic side to side action, but also a ton of vibration that you will immediately
recognize as distinctly Chatterbait like.
Overall, this bait is going to be a big game changer in the topwater game, and one that is also a
great stocking stuffer option!

Hayabusa WRM959:
To me, the best stocking stuffers are little things you will use A LOT, and the WRM 959 is that
for me!
The 959 is by far my most used hook. It is a EWG design with a heavy duty wire, as well as the
NRB coating that Hayabusa offers which allows for much easier penetration of the hook point,
even through bone.
For heavy cover, and Texas Rigged baits, you cant go wrong with a fist full of 959’s shoved
down into the toe of a stocking!