June Snook and Redfish Fishing Report – Captain Adam Whitston

This week has been wet and stormy, to say the least. The best bet this week has been fishing major outside points with a lot of current moving around it. With it being so warm, a lot of the snook and redfish are hanging out on the outside points, waiting for bait to come flowing by in the current. I’ve been taking my clients to spots and setting them up with the wind at their back and the current taking their baits past the point. This allows me to keep the boat as far away from the fish as possible, while still getting their baits where they need to be going. My live bait trips have been more successful with pinfish rather than shrimp this week. I’m getting almost the same amount of bites, with most being bigger, and not having to deal with all the pinfish stealing my hard earned shrimp! The live bait fishing this time of year is easy, cast up current and let the bait float past the point, then hang on. This pattern has produced a lot of good snook and redfish for me this week, and will probably continue to do that for the next few weeks. For my artificial trips this week, we were throwing mainly hard plugs around these outside points and creeks, looking for moving water. When I fish artificial, my main goal is to cover water. I’ll push pole down a bank making a cast every 20-30 feet or so, and keep moving until I get to a major point. Once I get within casting distance of that point, I have been power poling down or stopping the boat and making 3-4 casts around the point to see if there are any fish there. If you’re fishing creeks and you’re following the tide, a lot of the time you’re going to catch your fish while cruising down the bank, but you may find a good group of fish around a point. With the overcast conditions, I’ve been using a lot of topwater, and it’s been working great! Another bait I have been using is the mirrodine, or a gold/green spoon. These baits work well in cloudy conditions, and help you cover water. This weekend and through next week, I plan on fly fishing for tarpon. That’s the name of the game for me in May and June, but with all this inclement weather I haven’t been able to do that this week. Our area hosts an incredible tarpon migration this time of year, and one you should experience! As I get the tarpon dialed back in, I will write another report for that. Hope this inshore report helps! If you’d like to book a charter, check out my website at www.ridinthetidecharters.com or call me at 3524255550.