Who Dat Weedless Rattling Spoon

Who Dat Weedless Rattling Spoon

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Who Dat gonna put dem fish in da boat! Born out of necessity in the marshes of south Louisiana where shallow mudflats require long casts and a shallow-running lure, the Who Dat Spoon produces the most bone-jarring, tooth-rattling hits you can get outside of getting sacked by a 400-pound defensive tackle. Designed for super-long casts and the ability to ride high in the water column, this innovative spoon is perfect for all kinds of gamefish in salt and fresh water. Dual-pitch rattles produce both high- and low-pitches and the weed guard (that actually works!) doubles as an additional strike enhancer (as if it needed more!). Like every Bomber Saltwater Grade lure, the Who Dat is “Built To Dominate” with saltwater tough hooks, stunning colors and superior finishes. The Who Dat can’t be beat!


Model Length Weight Hooks Crank Count Species
BSWWRS3 2 5/8 in 7/8 oz 5/0 Shallow 1 Redfish, Speckled Trout

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