Smithwick Devil's Horse

Smithwick Devil's Horse

Weight: 1/2 oz.
Color: Chrome/Black
Sale price$7.99


If you didn’t know that the top bass-fishing pros still ride the Devil’s Horse to victory each year, you might think it’s just too “dated” to catch fish. Every year, however, the Devil’s Horse is credited on the weigh-in stage as the winning lure. The propellers at the front and tail of the lure can be adjusted to throw more water and work slower, or bent back for a quicker, quieter retrieve. The Devil’s Horse simply catches fish.


  • Proven big bass lure
  • Double propeller topwater lure


Length Count Cranking Depth   Weight  Hooks
 4 1/2 in  1  Topwater  3/8 oz  #6
 4 1/2 in  1  Topwater  1/2 oz  #4


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