Lew's 2020* Mach 2 Baitcaster

Lew's 2020* Mach 2 Baitcaster

Model: 7.5:1 RH
Sale price$149.99


The Lew’s Mach 2 Baitcast reel raises the bar in looks and performance of a quality baitcast reel. The Mach 2 features Lew’s exclusive Super Low Profile (SLP) platform that is more compact and offers superior balance and reduced torque for better control. The frame is strong and lightweight graphite with graphite sideplates. The 32mm double anodized aluminum spool is fast-starting for effortless casting. Winn® advanced polymer Dri-Tac handle knobs provide a sure grip and the bowed 95mm anodized aluminum handle delivers plenty of cranking power.

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