Lew's 2021 BB1 Pro Speed Spool

Lew's 2021 BB1 Pro Speed Spool

Model: 7.5:1 LH
Sale price$199.99


The new BB1 Pro LFS Baitcast reel is available in three gear ratios. The PRO1H model sports a 6.2:1 ratio. Most anglerfavor the 6.2:1 ratio for deep cranking, though it also performs well with spinnerbaits, swim baits and bladed jig like the Strike King Thunder Cricket. The 7.5:1 gear ratio makes for an exceptional multipurpose reel perfect for jerkbaits, topwaters and a variety of applications

Anglers looking for a high-speed reel will find the 8.3:1 ratio of the PRO1XH to be ideal. This higher ratio is perfect for fishing applications that require an angler to rapidly take up line, such as when reacting to a frog bite, or pulling in slacbefore setting the hook on a soft plastic. For pitching, flipping, or even slowly crawling a deep jig or Carolina-rig, the 8.3:1 is a good choice. The 6.2:1 and 7.5:1 gear ratio models are also available in left-hand models. 

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