Yo-Zuri 3D Surface Minnow

Yo-Zuri 3D Surface Minnow

Color: Mullet
Sale price$7.99


Anything accustomed to dining in shallow water will eagerly attack a Yo-Zuri® 3D Inshore Surface Minnow. This floating, super-shallow bait stays within 6" of the surface, which makes it deadly in tough-to-fish high spots, such as grass flats, oyster bars, and tidal sandbars. Perfectly balanced and strategically weighted for precision casting, the 3D Inshore Surface Minnow boasts a tough polycarbonate body with Yo-Zuri's patented, high-flash 3D prism hologram finish, proven to pull predators from long distances. This unique finish never wears off, no matter how many toothy scratches the bait incurs. This round-bodied minnow bait exhibits a natural rolling action on a straight retrieve, creating a pronounced "V" wake that predators can't help but notice. Made to handle big, aggressive fish with extra-strong stainless steel hardware and Yo-Zuri's own Super Tin saltwater trebles. Dive depth: 0.5'.

  • Deadly on saltwater predators in super-shallow water
  • Runs just 6" deep; goes where other lures can't
  • Perfectly balanced design
  • Strategically weighted for precision casting
  • Rugged polycarbonate body
  • Patented, high-flash 3D prism hologram finish
  • Incredibly durable even when scratched
  • Natural straight rolling action
  • Produces a "V" wake that gets noticed
  • Extra-strong stainless steel hardware
  • Super Tin saltwater treble hooks

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