6th Sense The Judge 5.9

6th Sense The Judge 5.9

Color: Black N Blue Dip
Sale price$5.99


Court is in session, and there’s only one Judge. Crafted by the innovative minds at the 6th Sense Lure Lab, this breakthrough creation is not just any swimming worm; it's a fusion of the best attributes of a worm and a swimbait. With its exceptional design, the Judge 5.9 stands unparalleled in its category.

Its lifelike baitfish silhouette, complemented by a ribbed texture, endows the Judge with an extraordinary level of movement, surpassing other swimming worms. The magic lies in its slightly beefier tail and upward facing tail, which amplifies the "thump" in the water, making it more perceptible and visually striking.

Moreover, the Judge features a strategically placed dorsal fin. This ingenious addition ensures that your hook remains weedless yet optimally exposed, significantly boosting your chances of a successful catch. Whether you're navigating grassy waters or dense cover, the Judge 5.9 is designed to allure fish in a way that other baits simply can't match.

5.9" - 5/pk

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