YUMbrella 3-Wire Kit

YUMbrella 3-Wire Kit

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Whether you’re fishing where only three hooks are allowed or for bass that see 5-wire rigs all day long, the YUMbrella 3-Wire Kit gives you the advantage. The YUMbrella 3-Wire Kit gives you the advantage. The YUMbrella 3-Wire is manufactured with the same stainless steel, head-treated super-wire and includes the same tough hardware as the 5-wire version. And as a kit, it includes jigheads and swimbaits specifically designed and selected for multi-lure rigs, making it easy to grab it and get on the water fast.

YUMbrella 3-Wire Kit includes the multi-lure rig in Tennessee Special color pattern, three pearl-colored 1/8-ounce roundhead jigs and three 4-inch pearl/silver flake Mud Minnows. The jighead has a tough 3/0 hook for sure hook-ups on slashing fish, and the Mud Minnows perfectly mimic the shape and swimming motion of a slender baitfish.

Kit Includes
• 3 - 1/8-oz. roundhead jigs
• 3 – 4-in. Pearl/Silver flake YUM Mud Minnows
• 1 – YUMbrella 3-Wire Rig

Key Features
• Innovative Umbrella design
• Target schooling bass, stripers and other gamefish
• Long-casting
• High-tech spinnerbait style head
• Heat-treated stainless steel wires
• Premium snap swivels

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