Googan Squad Bandito Bug JR 3.3"

Googan Squad Bandito Bug JR 3.3"

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Color: Sprayed Lettuce
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Is your favorite soft bait the Bandito Bug? Do you wish that it would fit better on a smaller jig? This is perfect for you. At 3.3" the Junior Bandito Bug is perfect as a jig trailer or for the picky fish that just won't bite anything else. The same fish-catching design as the original 4" Bandito Bug just scaled down to 3.3". With clamshell packaging, every bug comes out perfectly ready to fish. Patented flange makes sure every appendage has the perfect action to catch some true mondos. 

Best Riggin'

  • Texas Rig
  • Jig Trailer
  • Ned Rig

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