Fitzgerald Flippin' Beads

Fitzgerald Flippin' Beads

Color: Black
Sale price$6.99


The Flippin’ Beads by Fitzgerald Fishing keeps your bait straight when flippin’ and pitchin’. This allows for a more natural presentation, easier penetration into vegetation, protects your knot, and they clack against the weight to make a natural feeding sound.  The Flippin’ Beads also help to prevent your soft plastic from ripping and are great for Carolina riggin’ or any other application where beads need to be used.  When using with a snell knot The Flippin’ Beads help kick your hook up allowing for a better hook up ratio! Flippin’ Beads are specially designed for this application so they are the perfect size for all weight and bait combinations. 

  • Keeps bait straight
  • More and bigger bites
  • Natural presentation
  • Protects your knot
  • Prevents your bait from ripping
  • Great for snell knots
  • 15 Beads Per Pack


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