Fitzgerald PermaLine Braid Paint

Fitzgerald PermaLine Braid Paint

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Stop discarding your perfectly good braid simply because the color has faded. PermaLine Braid Paint from Fitzgerald Fishing saves you money by rejuvenating your faded braid now you can get more life out of your line. PermaLine Braid Paint makes your line virtually invisible to fish which will get you more bites and bigger fish! PermaLine Braid Paint works on all braided line and can be used on new or used braid. It works the best on used braid that is faded because the coloring has worn off.

Why use PermaLine Braid Paint vs a traditonal ink marker?

Because PermaLine is paint not ink so it lasts up to 3X longer than traditional ink markers that fishermen have used and complained about for years. Fitzgerald Fishing has formulated a specific paint that braid actually absorbs very well. Ink only coats the outside of the braid and wears off extremely fast. Stop using the traditional ink markers and invest in a PermaLine Braid Paint that you will get lots of use out of and it will save you money by not replacing braid as often. 

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