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Do you fish bass tournaments? Looking for some extra fishing gear or maybe a little extra spending money for bait and lures? Join the FishingSupercenter.com Tournament Rewards Contingency Program!

What is the Tournament Contingency Program?

It's easy! If you fish bass tournaments and finish higher than any other registered angler in that tournament in a field of 35+ boats or one of our partnered events, we will send you a gift card to FishingSupercenter.com!

How do I claim my reward?

You must submit a claim form for the event within 30 days of the date of the tournament. On the claim form you will be asked to provide a link to a website/ Facebook page with official standings or a photo of the official standings with contact info for the tournament director. You must also submit a picture of you at weigh in with a FishingSupercenter.com logo presented in a professional legible manner (hat, shirt, jersey). 

Once the submission is verified we will send you a gift card via email for use on FishingSupercenter.com! Gift cards will not be eligible for cash value, only to purchase product available on FishingSupercenter.com.

How much $$$ is the gift card?

It depends on the event you are fishing. Please look at the following opportunities.

Any Tournament with 35+ Boats : $25 Gift Card (Boater Side Only)

Any Tournament with 75+ Boats : $50 Gift Card (Boaters Side Only)

Partnering Trails

Florida Bass Nation

Florida Pro/Am Qualifier Tournaments (Boater): $25 Gift Card

Florida Pro/Am Qualifier Tournaments (Co-Angler): $15 Gift Card

Florida Team Qualifier Tournaments: $40 Gift Card (One Per Team)

Florida Pro/Am State Championship (Boater): 1st $100 Gift Card, 2nd $75 Gift Card, 3rd $50 Gift Card

Florida Pro/Am State Championship (Co-Angler): 1st $75 Gift Card, 2nd $50 Gift Card

Florida Team State Championship: 1st $150 Gift Card, 2nd $100 Gift Card (One Per Team)

How to Register?

Registering is easy! Sign Up by clicking add to cart. It is a $20 Registration Fee + Tax for 1 Year of contingency eligibility (Jan 1, 2018 - December 31, 2018). Once payment is received at checkout we will ship you a FishingSupercenter.com Hat FREE!



All registrations must be received before the date of the tournament fished. Fishing Supercenter has the right to terminate any member of the rewards program for, but not limited to: cheating, unsportsmanlike conduct, illegal activities, formal complaints against registrant. 

All claims made will be held for the 30 day window. If a claim is made outside of 30 days from the tournament fished, it will be ineligible for that tournament.

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