Seaspin Geko Eja 130 Jerkbait

Seaspin Geko Eja 130 Jerkbait

Color: Phantom Shad
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The EJA 130 is a slow rising jerkbait. It is the lure to always have in the tackle box suitable for undermining prey such as black bass, pike, trout, and wells catfish. It is a slow floating action jerk bait that allows complete lure management during the jerk phase and during the retrieve and casting. The control you can have on these actions allows anglers of all skill levels to obtain the maximum result in every area. However, it becomes lethal in the hands of the expert angler who with this control of the bait, can carry out fishing actions as a professional with minimal effort, managing to move not only the attack of active predators, but also of all the more apathetic ones that normally would not attack a lure. Effective on active retrieve, both linear and jerking, it is able to deviate from the linear trajectory of more than 120 degrees, is irresistible in the stop and go phases, thanks to a slight inclination of the head downwards accompanied by a delicate but evident rolling. EJA 130 is also effective at a wide range of speeds, retaining its features both being retrieved slowly and at faster speeds. 

 Slow Floating Jerk Bait Minnow
• ABS Body – Length: 5” – Weight: 4/5 oz. - depth range: 3'-6’
• Moving inner weights for long casting
• Inner armor and reinforced treble hooks for fresh or salt water
• 3D holographic eyes
• Great for large fresh water gamefish
• Perfect handling for all types of retrieves
• Swerves more than 120 degrees during the jerk phase


• Can be used for trolling

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