Seaspin Geko Toto 113 Popper

Seaspin Geko Toto 113 Popper

Color: Peacock Frog
Sale price$15.99


TOTO 113 is a popper dedicated to medium and large fish like the Large Mouth Bass. It unique with its transverse through hole and by the two asymmetrical flaring sides. TOTO 113 is a swimming popper that atumatically enters and leaves the water making it easy to use for anglers of any skill level. The patented hole design makes unique and attractive bubbles and action to fish at any retrieval rate whilepopping action. The TOTO 113 is irresistible to schooling fish. TOTO 113 offers the angler the ability to create more or less invasive turbulence, depending on how you decide to retrieve it. 

  •  Long Casting Popper 
  • ABS Body – Length: 4.5” – Weight: 4/5 oz.
  • Sharp and reinforced treble hooks for fresh and salt water
  • Characterized by a transverse through hole that creates more action
  • 3D holographic eyes
  • Impressive bubbling action
  • Wide range of retrieves
  • Patented by Seaspin

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