Sea Striker Krok Swivels

Sea Striker Krok Swivels

Size: 10 (150 lb Test)
Sale price$2.62


Sea Striker Krok stainless steel ball bearing swivels and snap swivels feature dual rotation which allows the swivels to rotate at both ends, producing less friction and eliminating line twist. The patented one piece body and all stainless steel construction make Krok swivels some of the strongest ball bearing swivels available, enabling the angler to use smaller swivels without sacrificing strength. Krok swivels feature a nickel black finish and double welded rings which are sure to please inshore and offshore anglers alike. The swivel bodies are constructed with a machine-milled knurled finish that allows for maximum gripability. The ball bearing swivels come in 6 sizes from 110 lb. to 880 lb. test while the tournament snap swivels come in 6 sizes from 70 lb. to 450 lb. test. Both series of swivels are available in convenient 2-packs or 10-packs. For bulk swivels availability and pricing contact Sea Striker sales department.

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