Booyah Super Shad Quad

Booyah Super Shad Quad

Size | Model | Color: 3/8 oz | BYSS38-613 | Chartreuse Glimmer
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BOOYAH's Super Shad sports a quad blade profile that mimics a school of fleeing bait fish, irresistible to big fish. BOOYAH's Super Shad is a spinnerbait is larger than other spinners, but leaves the competition behind with its' unique four blade design! Combine the Super Shad's quad blades with its seductively undulating skirt, and you've got a BOOYAH big fish spinner in a class all by itself. Once you put the Super Shad to the test, you, bass and muskie will swear there's a pod of baitfish fleeing through the water.


  • Quad blades maximizes water displacement and vibration
  • Effectively mimics a school of baitfish


Weight  Count
 Blade Type
 3/8 oz  1  Willow  4/0 Mustad

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