VRX The Graph Glove

VRX The Graph Glove

Size: Small (5"-7" Graphs)
Sale price$17.99


The All New Graph Glove keeps your graphs safe and keeps it simple! At the end of a long day of fishing the last thing you want to be fighting with is a skin tight cover for your graphs. Discover the ease of using the New Graph Glove! Fully Safe & Super Simple.

Just Slide it in and Zip it Up!

  • Thick 3mm Neoprene
  • Waterproof Zipper
  • Generously Sized for Easy Loading and Unloading
  • Put it in your vehicle or hang it on the wall

 Available sizes:

  • Small – Fits 5-7” Graphs (with or without OEM cover)
  • Medium – Fits 8-9” Graphs (with or without OEM cover)
  • Large – Fits 10-12” Graphs (with or without OEM cover) (Also fits Apex 13, without OEM cover)

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