YUMbrella 3 Wire Rig

YUMbrella 3 Wire Rig

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Perfect for States that only allow anglers to fish three hooks per rig, the Yumbrella 3-Wire Rig from Yum features three stainless steel Super Wire arms that have been repeatedly heat-treated to deliver unmatched in strength and memory. A true molded coupler also provides incredible toughness and durability, ensuring that the wire arms never break free. The head features an incredibly realistic finish as well, and top-quality snaps and swivels ensure flawless performance. A deadly way to target suspended bass, stripers and other gamefish, the Yumbrella 3-Wire Rig from Yum simulates a small school of baitfish, and has been proven to catch fish coast-to-coast.

• Innovative Umbrella design
• Target schooling bass, stripers and other gamefish
• Long-casting
• High-tech spinnerbait style head
• Heat-treated stainless steel wires
• Premium snap swivels

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